About the Author

Jake Shandy

Sex: Male
D.o.B.: June 5, 1989
Likes: Drawing, sleeping, food...ing?, my mac, my iPod, The Wizard of Oz, dogs, cold weather
Dislikes: art blocks, insomnia, heat, the sun, busybodies

About the Story

The Red Brick Road of Oz is about Terry Gale, a distant relative of the infamous Dorothy Gale, and his journey through the mysterious and magical land of Oz.


Q: Is this a fan-comic?
A: Yes and No... I do and will feature several characters from the Wizard of Oz stories, however - the bulk of the actual story is my own and the majority of the main cast will be my own characters.

Q: Will you use stuff from Wicked the Musical/Novel?
A: Yes and No, again... I'll explain this better when I get further into the story.

"The Book"

Q: Is it the Grimmerie?
A: Here's the deal, the Grimmerie is what Gregory Maguire calls the book of spells which Elphaba uses (or tries to use) in the novel Wicked, and the musical of the same name. This book may, or may not be the same thing. It is not "The Grimmerie" since that is Maquire's work... but it might be derivative of it.

Q: What are those symbols?
A: Runes. Ye Olden Runes. I think they're Nordic, Scandinavian...That area. The Runes on the lock are protection Runes, and there are 4 there. The Runes along the spine spell out the title of the book.

Q: What's the book made out of?
A: The cover is leather made from the hyde of either a dragon or a Chimera dyed dark green. The spine is carved from human bones, the whole book in inlaid with gold and silver, with one Emerald, one Ruby, and one Sapphire.

Q: Where did it come from?
A: As of now, it is unknown. But I can almost guarantee you that it is not Ozian in origin.

Feel free to ask questions! I love hearing from you guys and answering questions!